On the other line

Okay! Luki here, this is for Lune Lune and I to tell you on what’s happening over at our line, it could be filled with bad news and all.


Luki side:

Okay so, I’m having not a so good life. xD Can’t wait for summer, and I’m hoping to meet some of my friends I knew for a long time, even my friend JM is routing for them! Well, I can say I’m doing really well, I have been having a sucking family issue but all of that is over, thank you everyone who cheered me up. I’m drawing so I might just draw Mami, and other characters I’m going to create. I’m totally in the writing mood this month, as it relives my stress and all so yeah. I’m a bit depressed and I not going to tell anyone about it. It’s pretty stupid to be depressed about. I’m losing my best friend here too. Though I’m giving you all depressing news, the bright side is, I’ve been getting better grades, and finishing up my gladly homework. Even though I keep having the thoughts of quitting the computer, I just can’t find it in my heart to ditch those people who were always by my side. Well that’s all I can say. Well bye~


Lune Lune’s side:


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