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Tea Saloon sequels holds here.

A girl knows this guy who only has one eye. The girl was royalty as this guy was just a savage, to her parent’s eyes. But the girl thought everyone else was filthy, just filthy. Only people who weren’t filthy to her was the man. What will happen next to be locked up in abyss by a famous o’ chain. Will she survive, and save the person she dears most? Or will she die, and just become a toy?

Tea Perfection

One word from me! Don’t assume anything from the title. That is all, here is my sequel to Tea Saloon.

I stared into her purple eyes, her white long hair, her joyful smirk.  I thought to myself, I’m just going to rot away, the

heart of abyss is the worst place to be. She spoke up “Hehe look what we have here.” The dolls on the shelfs laughed and

started saying “Just a human!” I was still laying on the checkered floor, she called in her cat. I still was in confusion, what

happened? She cuddles with her cat, she said “Now let’s dance!” Her dolls rushed towards her and started dancing with her,

even her cat. A blonde guy came in, he had scissors. She stopped dancing and glared at the boy. I was confused, then she

smiled, let’s have some tea, correct? I decided to get up, as she noticed and grinned wider. I stared at her for a while.

She now offered something “I’ll let you return if you help me.” I shrugged and just nodded. She whispered “Kill him.” She

pointed at the blonde boy. I mumbled back “How can I trust you?” She chuckled “Oh? Do you not want to return?” I just

stared with no answer. She pouted “Fine, you will kill him when you return, you’ll have a day, if you don’t I’ll just kill

you.” I nodded agreeing that is was a fair deal. She returned me back up to the surface, as I got up, I began running back

to the burnt palace. I stopped as I saw him, finally saw him. We hugged and then had some tea. I thought to myself I

will not kill the boy I was suppose to kill, but to have one day left with him is all I wanted. As we munched n cake, the

clock turned 12 o’ clock. As I fading away back to the abyss, to die, I smiled for all the happiness he gave me..


The End.

Don’t get the blonde guy confused about the guy, she is hanging out with. :] I hope you guys enjoyed. Please comment. Thank you! >w< Sorry for not giving any of them names, but you know. It’s kind of, you can fill in the she/he/him/her.


Tea Saloon

Just typing a thought, this will not be a multiple chapter, it will have a sequel to fill in the confusing parts.

The crowd, the large crowd was chatting while laughing at their own conversations.

To me, that was just filthy.

Disgusting people.

He smiled at me while eating his cake and sipping his tea.

He was never filthy in my eyes.

He might of had one eye, his other eye was taken away.

I smiled at him as he smiled in return.

Footsteps came, I smelt a bit of smoke that eventually turned into a fire.

The footsteps grew closer to us, soon all I remember is seeing him getting taken away from me.

I was held back, and I heard a whisper “Now you lost everything precious to you.”

I awakened in the building covered in flames.

I tried to escape, I made it to the exit, though I couldn’t go since of the fire grew a surrounding circle around the building.

There they were, they said “You shall pay for your sins!”

I was then stuck in abyss, not just abyss but the heart of abyss.

Which lays the famous chain.

The End!

Confusing, correct? Yeah sorry about that. Well just wait for the sequel but trust me I had to type this down!!