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Protector ~ Chapter 1: Yellow Hood

Hiya readers!

Thought it was finally time to post a story on this little blog of ours.

So this story of mine is set in a Victorian era and was inspired by one of my favourite conversations with Luki where she comforted me when I was feeling frustrated by someone.  Hey, we all have our moments of confusion but it takes a real friend to be able to pick you up when you fall.  I know, I know.  That was cheesy, but I realized that day how much of a protector Luki is and that is the characteristic trait that I want to focus on in this story.  Haha, for simplicity’s sake, the first character you see will take my name and is based off my OC but don’t worry, I’m not actually like this in real life! Its just for the story!  I’m thinking this will be a multiple chapter story so I’m probably going to have to make a category to organize all my chapters and make it easier for you all to read through.

School is crazy for me so I might not be able to post as much.  Nevertheless, I’ll try my absolute hardest!  By the way, I’m Canadian so you’re going to have to deal with my Canadian grammar/spelling.  Hehe. Enough talking and onwards with the story dedicated to my dear friend, Luki.


Protector ~ [Chapter 1: Yellow Hood]


A roaring thunder rolled through the dark sky overhead as large raindrops pelted the ground.

Splish! Splosh!

“Aaah!” came a scream from a hooded girl, as she slipped into a puddle on the gloomy street. With a sigh of frustration, she sat in the small puddle and kicked the cold water as she stood up to her feet.  She tugged the hood of her raggedy, pale yellow, cloak to shield herself from the rain as best she could and continued walking through the town.  The crescent moon pendant hanging from her neck glistened in the light of the flashing lightning creating an ominous shimmer to the beautiful piece of jewelry.  Her bright yet saddened sapphire eyes stared down at the road in front of her walking in silence.  Needless to say, she was all alone but she preferred it this way.  It was better than the life she left behind.

“HEY! Hey you! Stop right there!” a low growl came from a group of three burly men from behind.  The girl turned her head and her blue eyes grew wide in shock after recognition of their faces.

“No, no, no.  This can’t be happening,” she thought worriedly as she backed away in horror.  “They couldn’t be sent by …”, her thoughts stopped as the group of men started walking towards her with outstretched arms and cooing at her in a mocking manner to come towards them.   The girl continued to back away trying to find a way to break free from their rampage.  They were like a group of hungry wolves ravaging an innocent animal in the woods.  Looking at her surroundings, she noticed a grocery cart beside her lined with a pile of fruits on top of a blanket and a thought came over her.

Swiftly, the girl tugged on the blanket and the ripened fruit came toppling down in front of the group of men, distancing them from herself.  The girl turned on her heels and ran as fast as she could, lifting up her laced skirt to keep it out of the way and clutching the hood of her cloak.  After some tripping over the fallen fruit, the men kicked them away soon discovering she was quickly getting away.

“After her!  The boss needs that girl!” the larger one cried to the others.  All three men broke into a run after her.  The girl turned into an alley in hopes of losing them.  She ran through the back streets of the alley and quietly came to a stop, hiding behind a wall.  Luckily, the men ran right past her with screams of confusion as to which way the girl ran off to.  She breathed a sigh of relief and put a hand to her chest to calm her beating heart.  The rain had softened quite a bit so she slowly tore off her hood and stared up at the dark sky.  Her shining, black, curled hair blew across her face as she caught her breath and took in the loneliness of her surroundings.  She walked deeper down the road of the alleyway she was in and sat down next to a closed door in exhaustion.  She brought her legs up to her chest, hugging them as she lay her cheek on the tops of her knee.  Her eyes grew heavy as she began to drift off into an uneasy slumber only to be awakened by an opening door slamming into her.

“Mom!  I’m going to the store! Need anything?” screamed a brown-haired girl from the entrance way of the now widely opened door.

“Be sure to pick up some onions! I need some more for the dinner rush hour!” a shrilled voice responded from inside.

“Onions! Got it! I’m off!” she screamed back, opening up her umbrella and holding it above her.  She closed the door and jumped back in surprise after the crouched girl behind the door.

“Ouch! Out of all the places I choose to sit…” mumbled the yellow-cloaked girl as she rubbed the small bruise forming on her head caused by the carelessly opened door.

“Oh my gosh!  Are you okay?  I’m so sorry,” the brown-haired girl said as she rushed to her side.  “Why in the world were you sitting behind the backdoor to my family’s restaurant?  It’s no wonder I hit you! Here let me take a look at that,” she said in a soothingly yet loud voice as she removed the girl’s hands from her bruise to inspect her injury.  Upon seeing the mark she screamed, “Ah! I need to get you some ice right away!”

“No, no. I’m fine really,” the pained girl replied urgently in a low. hushed murmur.

“But I can’t just … ”

“Hey! I heard voices over on this end,” came the rough voices from before.  The sapphire eyes of the now terrorized, cloaked girl widened in horror as she quickly placed a hand over the confused brown-haired girl’s mouth and pushed her down beside her.

“Shh.  Not a word,” the cloaked girl shushed beside her.  She slowly drew her pale yellow hood over her head again and stared in the direction where the voices were heard.  “When I give you the warning, you’re going to throw your umbrella to your left and run with me.  Please do as you’re told, no questions asked.  Understood?” she whispered in a hushed tone.  The brown-haired girl clutched her umbrella warily and unsure if she should do as she was told.  She was so ready to just ditch this girl and go get the onions like her mother had asked but she was never one to just leave someone in need.  She took this time to look at the hooded girl beside her and stared into the eyes of the girl who had turned her head towards her.  She saw fear in the girl’s eyes and instantly knew she was broken up inside.  On the outside, this hooded girl looked independent and confident but she was able to see right through it.  She saw innocence the girl that was tainted by the fear and horrors faced in her life.  She instantly decided that she would protect this girl.   The brown-haired girl, nodded her head in response and broke their silent stare down as she looked ahead.

“What’s your name?” the brown-haired girl asked silently.

“I found her! Yellow hood, I found the yellow hood girl!  Boys, get her!” yelled the large man before in a rough and fearful voice. The brown-haired girl turned to her left noticing three shadows charging towards from a distance.  Her eyes widened in shock, confusion and dread as the shadows became larger and a steady thudding of footsteps approached.  A glint from a sharp knife caught her eye and she clutched the opened umbrella tighter in her grip.

“My name is Kirsten.  I don’t go by that name anymore.  Call me Lune.” the hooded girl muttered with uneasiness as she noticed the group of men in the distance.  Lune clutched the small, shining moon pendant hanging around her neck and tugged her yellow hood in the other, readying herself.  She was waiting for the right moment to set their plan into action but it was clear to the brown-haired girl that Lune was just as unsure about the situation as she was.  She was like an innocent child on the inside, bracing herself for a scolding as her wide eyes stared fearfully down the alleyway.  The brown-haired girl took Lune’s hand that was clutching the necklace and squeezed it with reassurance.  Whatever was happening, she knew that she would stick with this girl no matter what.

“I’m Alice.  But just call me Luki,” she whispered back with calm eyes.  Lune stared back at her questioningly as she wondered how she was able to stay so calm in a situation she had nothing to do with.  Luki felt Lune’s hand trembling in hers and she smiled softly at her.  Lune smiled in response muttering a small thank you as a wave of gratitude ran through her.  They turned their heads in the direction of the burly men and counted down the moments.

“3,” they whispered together softly.  The men were approaching on a rampage with knives in their hands ready to attack if they needed. “2,” they whispered hesitantly with worry and beating hearts.  The eyes of the men pierced the darkness and their footsteps could be heard thudding through the alleyway. “1 …” they counted the last moment as the rough men came in full sight with their knives drawn back ready to attack.

“NOW,” yelled Lune in terror as she pulled Luki up to her feet.  With quick reflexes and huge strength, Luki threw the large umbrella in the direction of the men.  Her umbrella throwing caught them off guard.  They began tripping over their feet and stumbling over the umbrella hurdle.  Luki threw her free arm in triumph only to be pulled back by a frightened Lune.

“Don’t celebrate yet, RUN!” yelled Lune as she pulled Luki along.  Both girls broke into a run holding each others hand as tightly as they could and fled out of the alleyway together away from the terrifying men behind them.  Lune clutched her yellow hood again with her free hand to shield the pelting rain and Luki’s hand in the other.

“Sorry for dragging you into this!” screamed Lune over the sound of the rain with an apologetic glance.

“Not to worry, this is the most fun I’ve had in days!” responded Luki with a huge smile.   Lune just stared at her unsure if that was just the adrenaline talking or if she really was having fun being chased by a group of crazed men.   Whatever it was, she admired the girl for willingly helping someone in need.  “Besides, I couldn’t leave a girl that I slammed a door into to get killed by that group of men! It’s unthinkable!” she screamed over the rain with a wink, as they ran through the streets.  Lune just laughed at Luki’s protectiveness and ability to make a horrifying situation a semi-enjoyable one.  As the two girls ran hand in hand through the streets, as fast as they could away from the group of men, Lune with her yellow hood and all, realized that for the first time in her life she felt safe.


Hooray! I didn’t leave you with too much of a cliffhanger here.  Although, I left a lot of open-endedness as to Lune’s history and why she was being chased by the men but of course, that will be discovered in later chapters.  I’m not even quite sure myself so it’ll be a surprise for all of us. xD

And I apologize for the “meeting each other by door slamming in face” cliche.  It just had to be done considering how silly both Luki and I are in real life!  Besides, the story was getting a little heavy so I needed to throw in a sort of “lighter” moment in there.  Looking back on it, I realize that the whole chapter is a little cliche with the whole alleyway and rain going on but its just for the first chapter, I promise! “orz

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed the first chapter of Protector.  I’ve been watching too many suspense animes lately.  Hopefully I’ll be able to update soon!


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