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A girl named Alice but adores being called Luki lost her dear Master, now she is lost on what to do next, who will comfort her? Will Luki find her Master? Or something greater?


Another story from what? Oh you know who. Wait you don’t? Oh pshh your missing some awesomeness in your life!

Called Lacie because I want to call it Lacie! :] No exact reason, maybe…ah just find out.

This will be my first chapter(s) story in my blog! = w = Yup!

This is about Lune Lune on how quickly she can comfort me, and make a smile on my face.

Though in this story it’s going to be a bit slow, ah.

This also explains what would happen if my master Tomoyo left.

Anyways on the story we go!!!

Pushed through a crowd of people, I continued, I couldn’t stop now, no never, I could never stop, my master.

I was too polite to actually push someone down. I kept whispering which I wanted it to be screamed but no, it wouldn’t do “Master Tomoyo…”

Tears escaped my eyes, no, I’m not losing my master, it’s impossible.

I fell down, I was stomped by the crowd, I crawled my way through, I got to the wall.

I eventually made it, as I finally reached the wall.

I cried, I lost my master.

I mumbled “Master…Master…why did you leave me? Why did you leave me Master Tomoyo..?”

Lots of people stared at me then just walked away.

I held the dear pocket watch and the pin she gave me.

The pin was shaped like a sunflower.

I heard footsteps and it was a girl who kindly asked me “Are you alright?”

I shook my head in return, no, I would never be alright.

She sat next to me, not caring for what reason, she just stayed there, waiting for an actual reason.

I thought in my head, why..? Why is she bothering? I’m nothing more then a servant.

She then copied my emotions, when a tear went down my face, a tear would go down hers.

When I frown, she would frown, when I would just stare at her, she would stare back.

I whispered silently only for her to hear “I’m…

To be continued!


Yup, it could be her reason, it could be her introducing herself, but you’ll find out!

Oh yeah imagine the setting in a mall, I always lose people in there xD

Oh and, I’ll update pretty quick!