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Mindy Gledhill, Anchor (Music)

Just a Little Inspiration, from Lune Lune to you …

And here we are with my first post (or maybe second if you count the introduction?) of Just a Little Inspiration! To jump start things, I decided to post an album for you. Now just for future reference, I probably won’t be posting entire albums but rather single songs just because its a lot of work. I only decided to post an entire album because its my first showing to you and I really ADORE this album, especially for inspiration. I love finding indie artists who deserve a little more attention and I hope you find her music to be just as meaningful as I do.

Mindy Gledhill is an indie artist, hoping to reach many with her music. Although she has started a family, she believes in following her dream as a music artist all the while being a good parent. She has been told by many that a career in this area is difficult, especially with children but that hasn’t stopped her! And I am so thankful that it hasn’t!

Her album, Anchor, features 10 songs and a bonus track for one of her songs translated into Spanish:

  1. California
  2. Crazy Love
  3. Anchor
  4. Circus Girl
  5. All About Your Heart
  6. All the Pennies
  7. This is my Song
  8. Whole Wide World
  9. Hourglass
  10. I Do Adore
  11. Mi Ancla

You can listen to a preview of her entire album here on her blog:


An Introduction to “Just a Little Inspiration!”

First off, I want to give a HUGE apology for not updating my story, Protector. I haven’t found much motivation to update it and I have been dealing with a lot of stuff going on in real life. I know that’s not a good excuse but I’ll stick with it. Please forgive me.

That being said, I want to introduce a brand new segment to our blog. Its a little surprise for Luki as I haven’t told her, all she knows is that I wanted to try something different and add a little variety to this blog of ours. My reason for adding this new segment is that I don’t feel as if stories are my thing. I love writing them and reading them, but it just doesn’t feel like myself to be posting them up. Don’t worry, I’ll still try my best to update my multi-chapter and throw some oneshots around but I think this new segment of mine is much more close to my heart and is essentially, more Lune Lune than anything.

So now to introduce my new segment … Just a Little Inspiration!

So what is this little section? To start things off, I should mention that I absolutely love writing “diary/journal” type entries because I’m huge on soul-searching. I love reflecting on daily events, and finding art pieces that evoke emotions so thats what I intend to do! Bring a little bit of Lune Lune shine to your life with my little diary with my thoughts and findings. I feel this segment is much closer to who I am than writing stories. In a way, its kind of like telling stories but of the present rather than the imagination. So its still to the core of LukiLuneLune Productions, if you ask me! But I won’t be the judge of that.

Haha, don’t worry though, Just a Little Inspiration is not a recount of my daily life (I have my own private blog for that! ;D) but rather its a section where I post little tidbits that I find that gave me inspiration to look at things differently. What truly inspired me to do this was how Luki and I always talk to each other about our daily life and how I began to notice everyone needs a little bit of inspiration at least once in their life. I began to notice that its hard to see a clear picture when its just you, but when you have someone to give you a little push or inspiration, you see things very differently. Its kind of magical really but that could just be the dreamer side of me coming out. Life will always throw us curveballs every now and then, and its hard to see a light sometimes but that’s perfectly fine! Its all part of being human and always growing up! When that happens, sometimes we need a little push or inspiration in the right direction to see the bigger picture in life and that’s what I intend to do.

I’ll be posting whatever I feel inspires a certain emotion and talk about it in hopes to enlighten your life with emotions of happiness, motivation, creativity, the possibilities are endless! Heck, I may even post some things that will evoke sadness or anger, because honestly they are very powerful emotions that can make you see a larger lesson in life, or even the world. You’ll be seeing music, poetry, art, articles, and who knows what else I’ll come up with! Whatever I throw out there, the main idea is to “inspire” (see where the inspiration comes in?) an emotion or a lesson that I feel everybody needs to take notice of. Sometimes I may post something silly to “inspire” happiness, or sometimes I’ll post a world issue to “inspire” awareness, or a craft idea to “inspire” creativity. You never know, but I hope that this little corner of mine will ultimately “inspire” you to take a step back to look at your life and the world around you to see it in a new light.

That being said, I hope you enjoy my new section and that my little findings serve to be an inspiration for you.

~ Lune Lune ❤ ~