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A girl Madotsuki locked herself up in her apartment, where she dreams. This is from Yume Nikki, but there are many theories which Luki would love to share.

Dark room but Sweet and Horrifying Dreams.

Oh dear, it’s been so long since I went on here and actually posted something. Yes, it’s me Luki. Anyways I want to make everyone know this, Lune Lune did not die, phew I’m glad she didn’t, she just has school work, and as for me, I had break work. Dx But I’ll finally going to keep track of this! I also need to make a spring present for Lune Lune. Anyways I made this, but it’s off of the ideas of Yume Nikki, I love that game but don’t worry I’m using theories and some parts I actually thought during the game, but again the creation of characters belong to the owner of Yume Nikki and all that. I want to credit them because this is going to have same characters. Excuse me if I eh am way off your opinion or just way off something that can’t be, but it’s theories and that’s the magic of Yume Nikki. So I’m never right or wrong! 8D Anyways, if you never played Yume Nikki I recommend you do. This might contain spoilers, especially at the end. But, feel free to because some people don’t have enough courage or just can’t play Yume Nikki. Don’t worry ;] I ain’t using photos. Oh this will be a multi-chapter story, this is the one I’m going to update alot on, because I have to return back to school in a bit of this week or something, and I might not have time for this. Especially, from all the stories I need to finish. So this will be kind of long yet short. I’m going to type alot next time, causing from the time I have right now. So the longer I can make it the quicker it will be finished. Well this is to nobody, but for the people who want to understand my opinions. :3 But still for nobody, and this will have nobody I know as friends in here. I’m not adding or taking away people, as they all have something to do with Yume Nikki.

Who knew she would lock herself in her apartment, people chat through the halls, you hear another ask the others “What do you think she does in there?” Another replied ‘T.v. doesn’t work, anymore for anybody.” Another replied “Games?” Another also replied “Sleep? She has to sleep.” Everyone agreed to Games and Sleep, now another one asked “What does she dream about?” You step in “Such horrifying dreams.” They stare at you, that turns into a glare, they begin chasing you because of ruining their conversation, you rush away. They try to tackle you, eventually they give up and throw a party. That clearly you aren’t invited, you stare at her apartment, wondering what torture she must be going through. You try to visit her, knocking on her apartment door. You can hear her get off something, you hear her hand touching the door knob, it slides back and she shakes her head violently, which you feel the air. She continues to stay inside, not daring to touch the door again. You shout loud enough for her to hear “Stop trying to run away!” You hear her bed sheets, meaning she is going to bed. You stand for hours, until you hear a thump on the ground, you knock harshly on the door like if your trying to break it down. She gets back up and goes to the balcony, just staring down. She goes back inside to write in her journal and goes back to bed. You get tired and go back home, getting yelled at your mom from your sudden entrance from the dark night, not even a star was glittering in the sky. She tossed and turned and awakened. A bad dream? No a sweet dream. No a confusing dream. Her lamp went off causing the room to sulk in darkness.
To be continued.

Not the real story 😛 It was something I would like to test with. = w = Isn’t it nice? Kind of but I do know for sure, that nobody, nobody ever knocked on Madotsuki’s door or every got those kind of replies. But it was made from bordem, and might be used for another story, but again this is not the real story, just something I made that sort of represented Yume Nikki. Which I was also thinking about, this was a roleplay plot I made. :] Well okay, the story shall begin, because seriously, we need to start. xD I’m making this kind of short, but have no fear! I’m editing again just need to go to the mall and buy a game, and yes this is important since I made a plan to go and can’t bring it down. D: But, hopefully you guys will forgive me.

Madotsuki is in her room (it starts out like that = w =) she walks up to the door and shakes her head, (Ah doesn’t want to go outside, I see, seriously when I first played it I thought it was some door that led to her house or something. xD But I guess it leads outside? Maybe that might be a opinion.) Bored and nothing to do, she tries turning on her t.v. which doesn’t work, she plays her game. Eventually she stops (Yeah I made her an ace at that game! :3 Eh your not going to see “xD” anymore, it might be sad faces, just saying) she leaves out to her balcony (Okay everybody has to leave out and do that eventually when they start playing the game, like c’mon once you get the door you need to check outside.) Nothing much, but eh a nice view, she goes back inside and goes to her bed. 1,2,3. She is out on her balcony, she goes back inside to her room. Her game system is gone, and she turns on the t.v. to see a eye staring at her. She turns off the t.v. (Phew! xD I get freaked out by that, like I can never look at my t.v. the same way again.) She goes out the door, there are now many doors (Let’s go to the snow world!) she chooses a door, once she enters it’s snowing. (Hey hey, have any of you try stabbing a Tomigen? I got into this red place once from doing it. Must be a crime since that place is hell.) She walks around to find many trees, and finally a igloo, it’s empty but has a opening, it’s a pink place with a pink ocean. (C’mon xD) After walking around touching balloons, she got there (I heard that Madotsuki is jealous of Poniko?) She sees a purple cone, she goes inside, to see a blonde girl with a green sweater. (Yup Poniko..) No matter what Madotsuki does, Poniko pays no attention to her. Madotsuki turns back to the door, and notices a light switch (Lol, only place with one, so there must be a reason.) Madotsuki turns it off, and flash Poniko disappeared, and was replaced by a grayish and blackish thing (Uboa..) Uboa! (Lol, sorry I didn’t want her to go back in fourth, it’s annoying.) Madotsuki stares. (Hey did anybody jump when seeing Uboa for their first time, or always? xD) Madotsuki notices the room is shaking (Hey here is theories people say Poniko is Uboa, does anybody think that?) Madotsuki walks up to Uboa, it stays still until it faces change and teleports her to a weird place. (In the background is a bleeding monster? Or spider..) Madotsuki walks around to find a dead end, she awakens by pinching her cheek. She walks up to her desk and writes in her journal.



To be continued

Well that’s it, hope you enjoyed. Told you it was short. >_> This is for people who want to know Yume Nikki. And so on. :] Stay tuned!