About the two best friends in the world!!

Hiya! Luki and Lune Lune are best friends! Who came to the blog for lovely adventures!~ Hopefully we both meet nice people! Anyways, if you have any more question, how about you comment us? We’ll reply shortly!

Luki real name is: Alice

Luki’s about me:

My name is Alice, you can call me Luki, Luka, Frelandre, Sharon. I’m a pretty nice person until you get on my bad side, then I guess I may be mean. I like discovering and meeting people. I also like to comfort people, though I appreciate no random problems coming out of nowhere especially when I don’t know the person that well. I would have to say I might of not known Lune Lune for much but I would have to admit she is the most best-est t friend in the world to me. Meaning you mess with her, your on my death list. Now, now, I reassure you to be calm because you won’t mess with Lune Lune, now would you? Well thanks for reading this!

LuneLune’s real name is: Kirsten

All about LuneLune:

Hey there! My name is Kirsten. That’s with an “IR” and not an “RI”.  Just thought I should clear that up.  Of course, you can call me by LuneLune, Kiki, MeiMei, or anything that suits your fancy.  I would love to travel the world one day so I can meet new people, discover new places and get to know all the magnificent cultures in our world.  But that’s just a dream, I have to get through school first.  Luki is the absolute best friend in the world.  Wait, that’s a huge understatement!  She’s like a sister to me and I have no idea where I would be without her.  So if you hurt Luki, rest assured you will be hurt in return.  That’s saying something considering I’m a girl who can’t slap someone for her life!  Anyways, thanks for visiting our little blogging home! I hope you enjoy our stories!

Oh yeah, and please excuse us if we comment on our own stories, because Lune Lune and Luki don’t know eachother in real, so we will probably reply to eachother that would cause people to think we’re crazy. But just relax, and do whatever. >__>

Luki out~


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