Mindy Gledhill, Anchor (Music)

Just a Little Inspiration, from Lune Lune to you …

And here we are with my first post (or maybe second if you count the introduction?) of Just a Little Inspiration! To jump start things, I decided to post an album for you. Now just for future reference, I probably won’t be posting entire albums but rather single songs just because its a lot of work. I only decided to post an entire album because its my first showing to you and I really ADORE this album, especially for inspiration. I love finding indie artists who deserve a little more attention and I hope you find her music to be just as meaningful as I do.

Mindy Gledhill is an indie artist, hoping to reach many with her music. Although she has started a family, she believes in following her dream as a music artist all the while being a good parent. She has been told by many that a career in this area is difficult, especially with children but that hasn’t stopped her! And I am so thankful that it hasn’t!

Her album, Anchor, features 10 songs and a bonus track for one of her songs translated into Spanish:

  1. California
  2. Crazy Love
  3. Anchor
  4. Circus Girl
  5. All About Your Heart
  6. All the Pennies
  7. This is my Song
  8. Whole Wide World
  9. Hourglass
  10. I Do Adore
  11. Mi Ancla

You can listen to a preview of her entire album here on her blog: http://www.mindygledhill.com/music.html

I can honestly  say that every single song evokes some sort of inspiration to emotions and a strong lesson. In “California” I have been inspired to travel the world, in “All the Pennies” I was inspired to think of my special someone and in “Whole Wide World” I was inspired to follow my dream one step at a time. If I could, I would go in-depth into each and every single one but it would become a super long post just because they are all so magnificent! I recommend you go take a look at the link I showed above to hear a little snippet of each and take a look at the lyrics. They are very meaningful and got me thinking for days! Perhaps, I will look at each song in separate posts later on but for now, I want to show you all the song that inspired her entire album.
Not only is the music and lyrics inspirational, but the music video is absolutely stunning! I have to admit, after watching that video I want a vintage looking piano like that in real life … but that’s beside the point! Her song focuses on the idea that sometimes we find people that always see us as being different, and never accepting us for who we are. Although we are taught to try to ignore what people say about us, its sometimes hard to do so and we pick on those little things that others pinpointed as being different. I know for a fact that people see me as being different because I’m shy when meeting new people. My shyness gives off the first impression that I don’t want to be talking to that person, but really I’m just shy. Its just a little problem of mine but I really focus on it as being my flaw. When we focus on our flaws, we feel that “the world is spinning ’round, like a red balloon way in the clouds” with our emotions being all over the place and out of control. This song by Mindy Gledhill shows the emotions of acceptance when someone you love accepts you for who you are. It gives a sense of relief to know that someone loves you for just being you and I think that’s an important emotion to realize.
Sometimes, I feel that society has come to the point where we are protective of ourselves in thinking that reaching out to meet someone new will ruin our reputations or that we are scared to walk up and meet someone different. Its hard to notice it because it has become so normal in society that we don’t even realize its happened. We walk by people that we have grouped as different all the time. Sometimes its the homeless, sometimes its the quiet girl in the corner of your class. Heck, sometimes its the popular girl that we all idealize for being perfect but is really not. It saddens me to think that we have forgotten what it means to see someone for who they are and that we labelled people as being different or unworthy. Differences in people is what makes everyone unique, and I hope this song inspires you to see that lesson. There was a beautiful story I once heard about a little boy and girl. The boy was autistic and was ignored for being different. All it took to see a smile on that boy’s face were the words of the little girl, urging him to play with her. They grew up together, always supporting each other and became very close friends. Just that one step forward, to look beyond what people said and to hold a hand out for friendship saved many future heartbreaks.
That flaw of mine, my shyness, well I came to accept that fact about myself because I found people who accepted me for that. Luki, my special someone, my best friends in real life, they were all accepting of that fact and I am truly grateful. I am still trying to fix my flaws, but it helps knowing that there are people out there who accept you for your flaws and all. They give you the support to be a better person and fix those flaws of yours so that you can truly be the best person possible. It really means a lot when you take the opportunity to reach out to someone, and “anchor [them] back down” from their emotions of unsureness. Who knows, you may even find a best friend for life that way.
In any case, that is all I wanted to inspire for today. Just a little bit of inspiration to a lesson in acceptance. I think Mindy Gledhill’s song is a perfect example of that. I hope my Lune Lune inspiration managed to enlighten something for you. Feel free to comment about your thoughts, or anything else you take from the song. The next time when you meet someone new or see someone as being different, I hope you remember my little inspiration towards acceptance and reach out to them. I’m not saying we should always accept everyone for who they are, because lets face it, there are people who we won’t relate with. All I’m saying is to keep an open mind about others around you and be aware of the fact that there are others out there. I’m absolutely sure that any act of acceptance will mean the world to the other person. We could all use a little bit of acceptance in our life.
With inspiration,
~ Lune Lune ❤ ~
P.S. I’m sorry the last chunk isn’t spaced out properly. For some reason the blog is not letting me put spaces in between the paragraphs for that section. Oh well. I tried. v.v

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