Lotti and Annabell

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Lotti looked up at Annabell, and she just nodded and smiled “Yeah, I just hurted myself a bit.” Lotti closed her pocket watch and held it.
Annabell felt like she just set herself up for a small awkward moment. She didn’t know what to say so she just smiled and nodded.
Lotti stared at her, following her every movement. Her head felt like it was spinning, this sure was an awkward situation, but Lotti got a light bulb and said “Eh, school is over, we should get home.” Lotti smiling.
Annabell was focusing on something off in the distance but when she heard the other girls voice, she looked at her and nodded. “Yeah we should,” Annabell said, smiling back at the girl.
Lotti heard rustling in the trees, turning quickly to the noise, but found nothing but the wind. Lotti sighing because of her failure, and waved goodbye to the girl in front of her, then she said coldly not conciosly “Bye.” Lotti walking away, and towards the front gate.
Annabell turned to the sound just as fast as the other girl did then realized the same thing. By the time that Annabell had put her focus back onto the girl, she was waving and has said bye. Annabell waved back and started walking in the same direction, feeling awkward and like she was following her.
Lotti wasn’t paying attention so, and opened up her pocket watch that played a depressing, cold, emotional melody. Which didn’t bother her one bit, as she found this amusing, and keeping her up. Lotti mumbled something but it was much a blur for anybody around. Lotti heard footsteps, and stopped, as she felt like someone was following her, she turned slightly to notice the other girl, but she ignored it and walked slowier from the awkwardness. Keeping a good pace.
Annabell hoped she wouldn’t notice it as she was and continued walking in a slow pace, taking her time to walk home. She didn’t want to take the bus home since she really didn’t want to be around people for too much longer. After that thought ran through her head she noticed the other girl turned and noticed her. She blushed a bit but looked down, not really enjoying awkward moments.
Lotti kept a blank expression, that’s how most of her life has been, force a smile and act normal. The girl kept following her, when she finally reached her house, she saw the girl turn. She must of been her new neighbor, that recently moved in. Lotti opened the door, and smashed the cobweb in the corner of the door. As she entered the darkness surrounded her, not leaving much light in the house, she shut the door slowly, and turned on the lights. Passing by her kitchen, not really in the mood to eat because she felt really awkward, and decided to write a journal entry. Lotti eventually got bored with her journal and threw it on the ground, and laid on her bed which was the most brightest thing in the room. purple, but dark purple, not adding so much difference.
Annabell just looked around calmly during the walk and turned to her house, noticing that the other girl lived near her. She shrugged and pulled her keys out of her pocket, having a bit of trouble opening the door. She struggled for about a minute and once she managed to open it, Annabell walked in, closing the door behind her. She took her hoodie off and threw it on the nearest chair, walking into her house, passing the living room and walking upstairs to her bedroom. She opened her bathroom door and just looked at herself for a moment. She changed into more comfortable pants and then walked out of her room into the hallway. There was a see through door that lead to her balcony which had wooden flooring and a few plants here and there.
Lotti noticed her smudged up clothes and her emotion was no longer blank but more emotion into it, not easily to read. She made a noise loudly “ACK!”, but noticing what she has done, she covered her mouth hoping nobody would hear. Lotti ran at her closet, opening it, but stopped nearly before she opened it, she was shivering now, but gulped and slammed it open. Ignoring what was in there, she grabbed a clean set of clothes, with some other clothes, obviously she didn’t want to open it again, but will have to after her clothes gets dirty. She slammed the closet door shut, and ran in the bathroom, she looked at herself, she frowned, and turned on the water and splashed the cold water on her face. She didn’t bother looking in the mirror anymore, she didn’t like doing that, her imagination gets too carried away, she changed into a night gown, the gown going all the way to her feet, dragging the piece of frabic to her bedroom, she just stared at her closet. After she got herself creeped out she decided she would look at the balcony, opening it slowly and went out. She felt the breeze on her skin, causing some goosebumps.
Annabell was home alone at the moment so she shut the door, thinking that no one would be looking for her. as soon as she got out into the balcony she smiled and sat down on the wooden floor. She looked out, happy to be alone and in silence. She looked out into her backyard, noticing everything out there. She decided to pull out her phone and start playing some music. Before she did so she looked around to make sure that there was no one around her to listen. She started playing the first thing that she saw in her music library and set it to high volume. She layed down and looked up at the sky, trying to form shapes with the clouds. She heard something from the house around her but didn’t pay attention to it thinking it was something random. She decided to sit up and lower the sound of her music just to be safe.
Lotti noticed the girl out there, she bent down hiding from the small yet medium wall, being silent. Lotti never felt this awkward in her life, but hearing the music she was not so familar with, but heard the volume go soft. Lotti could only think, did she see me? I’m doomed, am I? Not having much confidence in herself but still remained hidden, a bit scared of what might happen. Though Lotti had to get back, and the door was pretty dusty, and it would ruin her gown if she crawled away, so she just got up, facing the more fears she had.
Annabell decided not to look around for a moment, being a bit scared to look for some reason. She got on her knees and got to the edge of the balcony and lay her head on the hand rail, her arms hanging from that. She noticed some movement to the side and looked that way immediately but didn’t see a think. She turned her head in confusion.
Lotti went down, hiding. She felt a swish of air come towards her, and stares.. Lotti got up slowly, not making much movement, but her pocketwatch slipped out of her gown and fell to the ground, it opened immediately, and played the sweet melody. Lotti stunned from what will now happen, could’t help it but remain still.
Annabell heard the music, not really knowing what it was. It sounded familiar but didn’t know. She decided to look around for a bit and pulled herself up. She looked down the side of the balcony and looked around. She noticed the sound coming from the other balcony and looked over there, wondering what it was, (Luki wrote this part!) when she looked that way, her eyes widened when she saw the girl from before standing there, completely frozen at that spot, the melody now flashed back in her mind, making perfect sense and understood why it sounded so familar. Annabell couldn’t take this anymore, too much awkwardness and still this girl, is someone she just met and Annabell doesn’t even know her name! Annabell finally blurted out “What’s your name?” (Luki stopped writing about Annabell now)
That tiny bit of orange, there is a story about an orange, once upon a time there was an orange who met a blueberry. They became friends, and then best friends because they were awesome and epic, The end!
Lotti heard the girl’s voice and turned around, forcing a smile and answered “L-lotti….” she stuttered as she did her best to blurt it out.
Annabell’s face reddened a bit from the awkwardness of the situation but went on with it. She smiled a bit and walked closer to the side Lotti was at. “Nice to meet you, I’m Annabell,” she said, lowering her voice a bit when she said her name. Annabell said it in a slightly awkward voice, trying to ignore it.
Lotti said “Nice to meet you Annabell.” Her expression went blank, and she waved a goodbye, as she entered. Once she entered she screamed “Ack!”
Annabell waved back as Lotti left and she flinched a bit when she screamed.
Lotti noticed she forgot to pick up her pocket watch and noticed that her room was messy. Lotti slowly cramed back between the half open doors, to get her pocket watch, after that, she just did a thumbs up, reassuring anybody around she was okay. When she entered she had, dusters, brooms, sponge and bucket of water. Lotti wasn’t no sure about the new world, the new supplies they held, for example a ipod. She was never familar to it, and well didn’t feel like she needed it, something she had was related to an ipod would be her pocket watch, as it plays different tunes to either match your emotion, some people would say it’s her melody. It’s even an alarm clock, as it opens by itself sometimes, the room was alot darker, at this time because it was already down to a beautiful sunset. Lotti decided she was hungry and was starving at the moment. She quickly grumbled to herself when she reached the fridge “Awkwardness sure can make you hungry.” with that she cared to smile. She was thinking on ending the day by watching a bad movie, they are horrible. Not even caring about her homework because her teacher will be too crowded to even collect any. So she just took a seat on the floor, turning on her dvd, the whole time the movie was on, she would rant and complain about it. Lotti found herself asleep by the sad ending, it was horrible, she even got as nightmare from this!
Annabell shrugged when the doors were shut and decided to go back into the house and figure out something to do. She picked up her phone which she left on the ground and walked back into the house. She shut the balcony doors behind her and walked to her bedroom, changing into a simple black tanktop. She grabbed a few notebooks and her text book, carrying them downstairs into the living room and grabbed her hoodie, slipping it on being more comfortable in it. After she felt she had everything she needed, she grabbed a pencil off of the center table in her living room and grabbed the remote that was next to it. She lay down on her stomach on the ground and put her notebooks and pencil in front of her. Turning the T.V. on she switched to a channel that played some music. She started doing her homework and drawing on two seperate sheets of paper. She smiled at her drawing but decided to finish it up. When she was done with it she got up and decided to just set her stuff on the table and sit on one of her couches, criss crossed, and started watching T.V. for an hour. By the time she realized the time, it was midnight. She sighed and got up from her sitting position, making her way up the stairs and into her bedroom. She walked into her bathroom and decided to examine herself. She looked at herself up close, poking her face where she thought needed improvement. It was pretty much her whole face. She looked at her dark brown straight hair, her blue eyes, and her pale skin. Her eyes and hair were the only things she really liked about herself. She was tall and awkward just in general. Her hair was long and straight how she loved to keep it and her skin looked paper white compared to her black hoodie and black tank top. However, compared to her huge, baggy bright blue pants, she looked more normal. After examining herself she sighed and washed her face and her teeth before she headed off to bed. She threw herself onto her bed and layed down, staring at the ceiling for about
three hours, thinking about things that happened that day like awkward happenings with Lotti and how girls loved her teacher way too much, before deciding to turn around and stare at the moon shining through the window until she fell asleep minutes after.
Lotti awakened when she felt a weird feeling in her stomach, hunger. Lotti looked in some books, and look at a paper that the teacher gave her last week, it was for a new student named Annabell. Lotti now understood why the girl looked so unfamilar and well confused at everything, and avoiding people. Lotti thought ‘I’d avoid people too if I didn’t know anybody.’ Lotti face saddened because on her calender, was V-day, the worst holiday in the world, espcially in her school. Lotti taking one last look at the calender, then sighed, as she quickly grabbed the calender, and cumbled it, throwing it harshly on the ground, it bounced back up and nearly hit her in the face, and she shrugged, and the calender crushed into many pieces and was laying on the ground. Of course she’ll have to pick it up later. Lotti shrugged and decided to participate in this V-day, so she started to make chocolate noticing she had 2 hrs to spare. But Lotti failed because the chocolate was too thin, then the next time it was too thick. So Lotti make cookies, which came out perfectly. Noticing the time she only had 1 hr. She was going to be late, as she rushed upstairs and jumped in the shower, hearing the vibrating sounds from the sudden movement. The shower felt cold, but she got used to it, and she finished after soaping. Getting out of the shower, almost slipping but managed to get on the rug she made, she quickly dressed up into a doll dress, but this time it wasn’t gray but a darkish red pink. She got out white pair of long gloves, and white pair of stockings, she got out some doll shoes, that were pink and had a red heart on them. She quickly grabbed a hat with a sewed bow, the hat was redish pink, and the bow was white. Lotti ran out of the house, and held a bag of cookies, she stopped suddenly to wait upon Annabell.
Annabell’s alarm clock woke her up early in the morning. She growled at it, only have gotten about four hours of sleep. She sighed and sat up from her comfortable spot to look at the clock. She only had about an hour to get ready so she pushed herself up and opened the door to the bathroom to take a quick shower. After her shower she dressed in something she randomly picked out of her closet, some black jeans and a really bright orange colored shirt. She also pulled out another hoodie from her closet, this time it was purple. She loved wearing random colors and compared to last times dark clothing, this would be a huge change. Annabell walked down stairs to grab an apple and ran it underwater momentarily then walked fast to the table near the door to grab her bag and head out. She walked out the door and saw that Lotti had been out there. She paused for a second, a bit surprised to see her there but continued walking towards her, smiling a bit.
Lotti thought to herself ‘This is why I’m horrible, I don’t even prepare myself! I don’t know what to say, I can say something so randomly because..because I don’t think I’m familar to her as a friend.’ Lotti having some bad thoughts but came to herself to smile and say randomly “Hiya!” she put out her arm in the air and then slowly brought it down with a wave. Lotti thought to herself ‘That was exactly what I didn’t want to do!’ Lotti began to ignore her thoughts and chose not to think about it. She noticed Annabell wasn’t dressed up, but she didn’t mind, some people don’t like V-day, and yet she was one of them and here she was in a somewhat girlish dress, Lotti felt ashamed of herself.
Annabell waved back, “Hello,” she said a bit cheerfully. She looked at what Lotti was wearing then it suddenly hit her, it was valentines day. She flinched a bit, hopefully Lotti wouldn’t notice but she did, though she didn’t even seem to mind because she smiled, even though she was slowly examining her outfit. Annabell wouldn’t have realized if it weren’t for all of the hearts and the extra bag she had been holding.
Lotti opened her pocket watch, 50 mins to spare. Lotti looked at Annabell’s expression, must of came to her, but then that made Lotti think ‘Wait! Was I too noticable?’ Lotti was about to run back inside but she stopped herself and shook her head ‘I’m going to win for sure!’ Not confusing herself, she just said “So I heard you were a new student, fun?” then she continued on “Tell me are you confused about why the girls are going all over Sensei?” she just asked, not changing her smile at all. It was meant to be a comforting smile.
Annabell was still amazed that it ran past her mind about what day it was, but then again she wasn’t surprised. She wasn’t much of a celebrator of today anyways, if she knew the only difference would be that she would’ve drawn hearts on her hands or something like that. She stopped thinking about that as soon as Lotti started talking to her. “Oh, yea, I really don’t get it. We seem to be the only girls not doing so.” Annabell smiled after saying this.
Lotti just nodded, and replied “I’ll tell you, teacher is quite popular, and V-v..” Lotti quickly stopped her sentence ‘No I can’t tell her that!’ and she just continued on where she left off “Teacher is quite popular, and well all the girls love him, and well, it’s causes envy to the boys. Further more, he’s the top 10 out of a- I mean most girl’s list to give eh, co-chocolate too!” Lotti noticed she changed the sentence alot and now was beating red, because of this conversation, she hopefully wasn’t too noticeable. She added “Oh and V-day is for 1 week long, it’s quite annoying but that what all his fangirls voted for.” Lotti thought to herself ‘Well besides me.’ Then Lotti sighed and continued “The fangirls force people to wear girly things.” She ended there, exhausted from all the talking.
Annabell nodded and payed attention to what she was saying, wondering what she was trying to say before but forgetting about it after Lotti continued to talk. “Well, I wouldn’t have chosen it for that long either.” she said blandly, trying to think of something else to add, “I-it’s kind of.. I don’t know.” Annabell felt a bit awkward there and her voice went quiet near the end of that sentence.
Lotti just stared and smiled, she grabbed Annabell’s hand, and quickly dragged her to school. Lotti felt exhausted and decided to sit at a bench letting Annabell stop getting dizzy. Lotti digging in her backpack and once she reached her goal she said “Ah-hah!” She lifted the pocky she just found in her backpack in the air. Then opened it and nibbled on it, she offered some to Annabell.
Annabell followed behind, confused as to what happened but once they got to school and found a bench she sat down next to Lotti and smiled in her mind, somewhat glad she wasn’t alone for another morning. She was kind of in her own world for a few seconds as Lotti was digging through her backpack and turned as soon as she saw that she had found what she had been looking for. When she saw that it was pocky, her eyes just went directly to it and smiled. Annabell nodded when Lotti offered her some, feeling a bit guilty for doing so but she couldn’t pass up some pocky.
Lotti handed her the pocky. Lotti didn’t mind, she liked sharing food, but cake was off limits, well to some people she thought. Lotti held her bag, but as soon as she saw the fangirls, she quickly hid it. The fangirls instantly stared at her and said “Hpmh.” they soon walked away. Lotti just now curled up on the bench.
Annabell took the pocky from Lotti, being a bit hesitant but was happy anyways. Annabell tends to be very happy over the smallest of things. She started eating it and watched what had happened with Lotti and the fangirls. She looked between the two while this small noise came from one of the fangirls, well all of them actually. She wondered why this had happened but then looked between them and noticed that there had been some differences that could have caused that. Either way, after they left she looked down at her hands, a bit concerned over what had happened.
Lotti trembled, but calmed down, and stopped making any movements. She got back up, and smiled. Lotti just said to help her confuse friends “Sometimes the fangirls get jealous too, and they steal people’s goodies to give away, as in throw away.” Lotti being half honest. Lotti ashamed of herself even more, guilt passed by her. ‘Lying to my newest friend again.’ Lotti stared at the ground, watching random shoes walk on the ground. Lotti opened her pocket watch, it played no melody, nothing. Lotti said “We have 3 minutes left, let’s head to class.” Lotti got up, offering a hand to help Annabell up.
Annabell just nodded, “That’s not very nice of them.”  She looked up at the sky for a moment. When she saw that Lotti had gotten up because of the small amount of time she got up as well and started walking towards class with Lotti, walking next to her during that time.
Lotti entered the classroom with Annabell, all the girls besides them crowding over her teacher, handing over sweets of all kinds and you can hear the horrible sounds of screaming “Here Sensei take mine!”, “No mine, Sensei!!”, “They both are useless, you’ll take it from me right, Sensei? I am your top student.” Lotti just got to her seat, she got out her books from her backpack she saw her cookie bag. Lotti shook her head, then she grabbed it, all the fangirls stared well more likely glared at her, but as soon as Lotti dumped the bag in the trash, they all smirked, happy as ever. Lotti looking actually depressed, she returned to her seat and raised her hand, not caring if she was ever called on or not. Her teacher asked “Yes, Lotti?” Lotti jumped just a bit from being called so quickly but just said “Can I head for the bathroom?” Her teacher nodded and said “Don’t take too long.” Lotti didn’t say anything not promising anything. As she left for the bathroom.
As they had entered the classroom, Annabell had remembered what happened the last time she was alone around here and shuddered a bit, still being paranoid that it would happen again. The first thing she saw was the girls all crowding the teacher. Annabell had already expected this and flinched a bit at the sudden loud sound. She walked to her seat as well, on the far side of the class and got out her notebooks and text book. She was staring down at her books when something had taken her attention, it was the girl’s stares. She looked over to what was going on and noticed that Lotti had thrown something away. The fangirls looked satisfied for some reason and as Annabell looked at Lotti’s face, she could see that she was depressed. Lotti had then asked to go to the bathroom. Annabell was amazed that the teacher had even noticed her from everything else that was going on but Lotti had made her way to leave the classroom and Annabell had just wondered what all of that really meant and what really happened in their minds.
Lotti reached the bathroom, she kicked the stalls opened seeing if there was anyone in there, and even if there was she didn’t care. To notice she was all alone in the bathroom, she sighed but was crying and said “Like he would even accept it from me…” “and even if I managed to give it to him the fangirls would gang up on me.” “I really am a coward.” She kept gulping because of the less air she has been having. Lotti stared at herself in the mirror, not happy about one thing about herself. She took off her hat, and opened her extra clothes, she always had it stored somewhere in the bathroom, nowhere someone would look. She quickly grabbed her black dark clothes, it was a dress, it had a dark bow, as for dark gray while black stripes on her stockings. She had extra shoes, which were black doll shoes, nothing special. She just frowned at herself in the mirror and said “That’s what I’m suppose to look like.” Lotti began wiping all her tears away, and splashed water on her face, making most of the red go away, she just sat there, waiting for herself to breath normally and her face to be pale again.
Annabell went on with the class, not really paying attention to anything at all but the questions in her mind. She started doodling a few random things on her notebook but was still worrying about what happened with Lotti.
Lotti was soon back to her regular self, she headed back to her classroom, and entered the classroom. All the boys were shocked from all her pink girly dress was changed into a black gothic dress, but not very gothic, but it would fit in that category. Lotti took her seat and looked blank not caring about was happening, just started sketching dark, depressing things.
When Annabell heard the door open, she immediately looked over to see Lotti come in, completely changed in different clothing, practically the opposite of what she was already wearing. She looked over at Lotti for a bit while she was sitting down, wondering if she was really okay but tried not to stare for too long as that could come off as rude. Annabell, still having a worried feeling, didn’t know if she should even get involved with any of it, still questioning a lot of things.
Lotti got out some giant scissors, but everyone was so distracted, she began cutting her pink girly clothing, not caring but she had her backpack prepared so if any dropped nobody would notice and she didn’t need to pick it up, as they would just fall in her backpack. Though they were quite loud, fangirls noticed but got annoyed and asked Sensei to speak a bit louder.
Annabell glanced over at Lotti every once in a while, realizing that Lotti was cutting up her other clothing. ‘Something is definitely not right here’ she thought, getting really worried but she had to deal with it until after class. She stared at the clock for the rest of the class, not paying attention to the lesson pretty much the whole time. It didn’t matter anyways, the teacher wouldn’t have said anything since he wouldn’t had even noticed her even in her bright clothing.
The bell rang alarming everyone class was over and it was time for recess. Lotti stayed in her seat not doing anything, besides just staring right in front of her. One of the snotty fangirls went up to her “Something wrong? Haha! Thought so.” The fangirl headed with her gang, as they began stalking her teacher. Lotti looking blank, not offended. ‘I’m useless, I don’t deserve anything.’ Lotti noticed her thoughts but shook her head for those thoughts to get out. ‘I’m worth it.’ She kept repeating that, and got up. ‘I can do it…’ As she headed for the trash can with her bag in it, but shook her head. ‘That would be disgusting to give.’ So she headed for the cooking room.
Annabell was glad when the bell finally rang and gathered her things slowly, still in her own mind until she looked around and everyone was gone. She shrugged and left the room, walking around and pulled the apple out of her bag and started eating it as she roamed the school, not knowing where to go but found a spot where she could sit down. As she finished her apple she threw it away in the trash can and returned to her spot, hugging her knees tight to her chest, examining people aroudn her.
Lotti reached the cooking room, and made a batch of cookies. She smiled when they were better then before. She put them in a bag with a black ribbon on it, not trying to be to girly. One of the fangirls noticed something and whacked the cookie bag on the ground, it untied the ribbon and all the cookies fell on the ground, dirty and the fangirl was even more impressed at her actions and wanted to make it complete and stomped on the cookies until they were nothing but crumbs. The fangirl snickered and ran off, about to tell her friends on what she so accomplished. Lotti eyes shaking and her hands shaking. ‘No, I’m useless, couldn’t even protect my own creation.’ Lotti ran out of the cooking room, and ran outside, as she figured out she was running she stopped and began walking. Her tears watering in her eyes making her sight become a big blur, as water kept hitting the cement, leaving a trail.
Annabell hasn’t seen Lotti since class had ended and was starting to get a more worried. She hasn’t talked to her after that and even though she didn’t even know her, she had been the only person that was nice to her. She shook her head and just layed her head on her knees, watching around as people talked around her, wondering if she’d end up seeing Lotti at some point.
Lotti passed by most people, she just kept saying to the boys who was curious about what happened in the bathroom or before that, she would just say “Nothing.” Forcing a big grin on her face, the boys still looking concerned and being all nice “Well if there is something wrong you can tell us, and we’ll teach them a lesson!” Lotti smiled at their kindness, and nodded as she continue to walk still crying just a bit. She wasn’t paying much attention but she sensed Annabell really near.
Annabell kept watching what was happening and after a bit she looked in a different direction and saw that Lotti had been walking there. Annabell was about to get up but hesitated a bit, wondering if she should. She got up anyways and looked at Lotti, wondering if she should say anything, still being shy and hesitant.
Lotti ran again, hiding into her hiding spot. It was just a really dark area, where rocks have fell. She sat there, crying ‘I shouldn’t be crying!’ Lotti thought of something that could make her happy but she just shook her head, but she remembered her pocket watch, as she opened it, it played a sweet happy tune. Lotti blinked as she stared, and just smiled. She said “Okay, fine, I’ll be happy.” Lotti noticed the bell rang, she sighed “1 of V-day’s day are over. 4 more to go.” Lotti opened her cellphone, broken as usual, but she got out yellow cellphone, which wasn’t something she broke. She looked at the paper from home, she must of dragged it with her, and it had Annabell’s phone number. Lotti just texted her that she’s alright, and she’s rushing to go home. Lotti ran home, and this time on Day 2. Lotti hopes it will work out.
Annabell saw her run and just backed away, walking somewhere else and then just sighed as she walked. She was starting to think again and then she heard a small “beep” from her phone. She opened her phone to see that she had one message. She just looked at it, a bit confused since she really didn’t have any friends to text. She saw the message, it was from Lotti. She thought for a bit, wondering how she got her phone number but decided to put that out of her head and hit the reply button after reading what she had said. Annabell replied to the message saying: Well okay, hope you feel better. I was worried :<. Annabell closed her phone after sending the message.
Lotti closed a yellow journal, Luka and Habit stumbled down because of the loud noise. Lotti said blankly “To be continued.” Luka nodded and Habit smiled while dancing. Kuku got out, glaring at everyone.
Luka: Haha! That’s our end. This took us 3 days, but yeah, we started on the next day I last posted this. :/ But please do not be angry at us. Habit and I enjoyed this part, and we had fun, and used alot of our writing moods. We’re still going to update today, but maybe another chapter of Fruit Basket, or just this. Hm I wonder if this makes you happy, Habit will help me with some of my unfinished work. Also Habit and I aren’t making any stories until this story or Fruba story is done. Well yeah!
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Night: <.< >.> hmm. -wooshes out-

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We're best friends sharing a blog with each other, so we can post stories in front of the whole world. Hopefully we meet nice people along our blog adventure. :3

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