Lotti and Annabell’s Adventure of High School

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Luka:Another story from Luki! My new editor and writing buddy is Habit but you guys have to call her Night. :]
Night: 😀 Yusss yuss you do. ;o Well umm hey ;D
Luka: :3……….So , this story is fanmade like always and Habit helped me on it, and we both created this while she fixed my typos.
Night: Yuss ;D -typo fixer- ;D
Luka: This won’t be a fail because this isn’t my first one nor Habit’s.
Night: Yea o .o must not be fail x3.
Luka: Anyways review and all, and yeahhhh. xD Gawd I think we sound boring.
Night: ;o We shall not sound boring >D -skips around- .. .. okay too random :>
Luka: c: Well happy reading everyone~
Lotti’s POV:
Lotti woke up when she felt her darkness shine and got up, her hair tangled to her pillow, hearing the statics, while looking at her shadow, she could tell her hair was very messy. Getting up, hearing the shock, she walked in the shower, getting her hair wet, that was soon soaked but still had a knot in it. She attempted to comb her hair, but found it no need, not caring anymore, but her hair looked neat and organized.
AnnaBell’s POV:
Annabell woke up and turned, bringing her pillow with her to cover her face from the sunlight shining through the cracks in the blinds. She ended up laying on her side turned away from the nearest window. She removed the pillow from her face and sat up, looking around her room, still groggy. She got up from bed and walked to the bathroom and looked at herself in the mirror still in her pajamas. She looked at the wall clock and pulled some clothes out of the closet, changing fast and running her fingers through her hair.
Lotti stumbiling alot, managed to eat breakfast which was a sweet cake, when she finished, she gulped down a glass a milk. Lotti skipped her bus and decided to walk, she tripped over a tiny pebble, not known to excistence. She quickly got up, struggiling on the cement, she continued to walk and hit a mailbox, everyone stopped to stare at her, as she just sat there, then they continued their way. Lotti got back up, noticing her clothes were now covered in dust and dirt from the falls, she tried wiping it off but got it smudged. Lotti apparently stressed out by this, began tearing up, but she held it as it worked perfectly. She quickly got up and nearly fell down, from her clumsiness  When she got to school, she had 30 minutes to spare, she sat on a bench, denying the things happening in this world.
Annabell walked downstairs, grabbing her hoodie and slipping it on. She grabbed other stuff she needed and just walked outside, deciding not to eat breakfast and just roam for a bit. She sat down on the grass near her bus stop and just watched everything happen. As the bus approached she pushed herself up from her sitting position and walked to the bus, sliding into the first empty seat she saw. She pulled an mp3 player from her hoodie’s pocket and slipped the headphones into her ears. She pushed random buttons, getting it to play on shuffle and listened to music for the rest of the bus ride, staring out of the window ignoring everyone else on the bus. She saw the school in the distance after a few minutes and as the bus neared school she turned off her music, putting her mp3 player back in its place and sliding to the edge of the seat closer to the middle of the bus. As the bus came to a halt, she slipped past everyone else, getting off the bus first and roaming the school, not really knowing many people so she just found herself watching the ground as she walked.
Lotti watched her pocket watch keep ticking while playing a sweet melody, she slightly hummed the tune. Lotti noticed there was only 21 minutes left to spare she decided she would cut out some paper dolls, she digged in her doll dress which was apparently dirty from all the falling, and found some cute giant blue scissors. Her big bow on her head was twitching in the wind, as she got out paper she began to cut while her pocket watch continued to play the sweet melody that grew louder through each tune.
Annabell wasn’t ready to start school anytime soon. She searched her pockets, hoping she didn’t forget to choose the pants with her phone in it and smiled in her head when she found it. She pulled it out to check the time, realizing she had a bit of time to kill until school started. She put her phone back into her pocket and looked around, finding a nice spot under a tree on grass and sat there, happy that everyone else was no where near her and she was in silence. She leaned against the tree trunk, pulling her knees up to her chest and hugging them, comfortable in her position. She looked around and watched as people talked, noticing some weird patterns.
Lotti was fixing her legwarmers, seeing that it was up too high, then rearranging it because it was down to low. Lotti noticed that the sweet melody changed into a sad melody, noticing it as almost time to school, she looked to see that she only had 3 minutes to get to class. She quickly got up, and walked to class, hearing her doll shoes tap on the ground.
Annabell noticed her time was running low to get to class as kids started kind of running off from their conversations and straight to all of the buildings around them where classes where held. She sighed and got up from her position and started walking at a normal pace to her class, her hands in her pockets and the only thing in her sight was the location of her first class.
Lotti held her pocket watch close, and got out her phone, seeing that it was broken, though she knew that from the start, since she was the one who broke it. She entered her classroom to hear all sorts of sounds, painful sounds, talking, yelling, screaming, mumbiling, and you could even hear someone hiss in the crowd. Lotti remained quiet, not trying to hurt herself more by making more noises, hearing her taps she sat down at a random seat, in the back corner.
As Annabell neared the class she slowed her pace down, reaching her hand over to the door knob and turned it, slowly opening the door until someone tried to rush past her, causing her to slam against the door as the person walked in before her. She kept a neutral expression, just walked into class, and sat in a seat farthest away from everyone else, which was to the far left of the classroom in the back.
Lotti said to herself “How rude, it’s not nice to rush at people.” but she knew nobody would hear her or pay attention to her, so she just watched as the girl avoided everyone else, and was in the same row but the furthest away, Lotti noticed she was thinking to much and shrugged it off. Lotti got out tons of her textbooks and began flipping through pages, quietly trying not to intefere anyone, but obviously everyone was, but her eyes couldn’t help it but glance at the girl from earlier, she was completely quiet as well, but Lotti continued to gaze at her textbooks.
Annabell decided it wasn’t a good idea to look around and pay attention to other people so she just stared straight ahead of her to the board, waiting for class to begin, then realizing she needed to get some stuff out. She reached next to her, pulling a few notebooks and a text book out of her bag and started opening it, just glancing at the pictures and turning pages until class began.
Lotti noticed her teacher panting as he got in, she just stared blankly at him. All the girls well besides Annabell and Lotti squealed. Lotti’s hands moved on their own to cover her ears. You can hear the boys growl in envy. Lotti decided not to pay attention at all in class, and just started tapping her pencil on a piece of blank paper, she obviously looked blanked and in her own little world.
Annabell flinched as she heard the squeals and looked up immediately, confused as to what happened as she was pushed out of her dream world. She sighed and ignored the squeals and payed a bit of attention to class the whole time, doing as she was told. She started drawing random lines on the cover of her notebook as entertainment as the teacher explained everything. She decided to look around at the people in her class. She saw a few kids that just blended into everyone else then there was another girl in the same row as her, paying attention to class even less than she was. Annabell got distracted from her thoughts as the teacher snapped her back into the lesson. She frowned and continued to pay attention to the lesson.
Lotti’s pencil broke, as Lotti struggled she found herself tearing up, as she wiped her own tears knowing nobody would pay attention and wouldn’t even care if they did, Lotti was digging in her bag for an extra pencil or led. As she put her head down, decided to do that until the end of class looking at the class clock it was only 6 minutes.
Annabell ended up writing a few notes, looking around the class, and doodling until it was almost time to leave. She stared at the clock for the last 2 minutes and smiled.
Lotti twitched as class was over, but all the girls trampled over almost everyone just to surround her teacher. Lotti grabbed her bags and held her pocket watch close, and went out to hide in a tree of some sort.
Annabell packed everything back up into her bag and slipped it over her shoulder, looking at the desk hoping she didn’t forget anything. She got up from her seat and noticed almost everyone has already rushed over to her teacher and just ignored them, opening the door taking her time out of the classroom since the people who were leaving anytime soon have already rushed out, leaving no one to really push her, not noticing her existence once again.
Lotti relaxed under a tree, but found it annoying that it could get herself dirty, so she climbed up the tree and hiding behind branches impossible for people to see her. Lotti saw the girl from earlier, Lotti couldn’t help herself ut gaze at her every move, Lotti mumbled to herself “She really is different, eh?”
Annabell walked out, taking her time to roam around, avoiding everyone else like she was repelled almost unconcsiously. She noticed a few people in her class already forming in groups.
Lotti stared at her curiously and began asking herself “She really doesn’t like people, does she?” Lotti noticed she was talking to herself again, and hit her head softly for it, loud shrieks were coming closer as her teacher took step outside the school, Lotti wouldn’t usually get so curious, but she jumped off the tree, and most people were distracted that she wouldn’t be in trouble for it, or get any other emotion towards it, she walked up to the crowd to see the fangirls again surrounding her teacher, but she shrugged it off and said “Oh what a bother, and a huge waste of time.” She walked away heading to another direction, staring blankly at the ground ran into something, as into someone.
Annabell heard the shrieks coming from everyone else, forming around the teacher. She avoided them as much as she could, pretty much walking away like it was some sort of dangerous object of some sort. She was watching her feet, not looking up for anything, assuming that everyone else was near what she was trying to avoid, not noticing that there was someone in front of her. Annabell flinched when she ran into someone that was directly in front of her, the first words immediately to come out of her mouth being “Oh! Sorry!”
Lotti fell down, but noticing her actions she got up, and bowed down not caring who was it anymore and shouted “Sorry! I won’t do it again.” As she covered herself with her arms, and then ran off, with taps going softer and softer. Lotti cclimbed up a tree for her hiding place and was panting up in the tree.
As soon as Annabell was able to look in front of her, after hearing an apology she realized the girl she ran into was the girl she was staring at from class. She realized she rushed off and immediately was put into an awkward position, trying to think if she should follow the girl or just put it off. She thought she shouldn’t be rude and followed her, just to check if she was okay and wasn’t hurt.
Lotti tearing up, but she tried her best to hold it back, which nearly failed. She decided she should entertain herself, from the sorrow, though from the confusion she didn’t know. So she hung upside down from a branch, keeping a good firm grip on the branch so she wouldn’t slip down. Though Lotti couldn’t remain herself and bursted into tears, as water was blocking her sight she let go of the branch not knowing and fell down at the ground. She quickly wiped her tears and looked normal besides her face being a bit red, but not like anybody tends to notice her.
Annabell looked around to where the girl might have run off to. She was about to give up and heard a sound next to her, sounding like someone fell. She looked to where she thought the sound was coming from and found someone that looked like the girl that she ran into. She rushed to her side, assuming that she fell from the tree but didn’t know for sure.
Lotti got back up like nothing ever happened, she patted her dress and shoulders to wipe off the sudden dust. Lotti was exhausted hoping school to end, and continued to cover her ears from the squealness. The loud bell rang, and Lotti opened up her pocket watch that played the sweet melody, she felt at ease.
Annabell got a bit confused from a sound coming from her pocket watch. She looked towards the school and noticed that everyone was rushing towards the front gate, and everyone ran home but you can see a glimpse of the fangirls of teacher. Annabell looked towards the girl who was red, and walked up to her and asking if she was alright, “Are you alright?” She looked a bit concerned yet confused from the pocket, it surely was a busy day.
Lotti closed her book, as Habit and Luka clapped. Ta-da~ Stay tuned everyone! No later comments in this chapter, but in the next chapter *shrugs* who knows!

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  1. Whoa, this was longer then I thought. Habit and I sure did stuff, we both wrote stuff, and here is a hint Habit is Annabell and I’m Lotti. xD Hopefully my friend Lotti doesn’t mind. x3

  2. :> Woo this was really funnn. I can’t believe I wrote that much @.@ well. We’ll continue this at some point :>

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