Habit and Luki’s Creation

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We do not own Fruit Baskets, nor characters.
Luka: Okay! This is our Fruit Basket fanfic! And our first one, we’re kind of nervous. o w o..
Night: Yeaa.. Lots of thinking 😀 Wooo
Luka: Yeah, Habit and I had to make alot of decisions! Alot of work but we enjoyed this. :3
Night: It was very fun :>
Luka: Mhm! Habit and I are good writer buddies. Even though we can be totally out of it.
Night: Yess xD It’s going to be amazingggg.
Luka: Mhm! or so we think, we thought it was good. But yeah, we tried hard on this and had fun, so like we’re learning? Nah we’re writing!
Night: xD yea. We think x3. Hopefully this goes well 😀 It was entertaining to write anyways.
Luka: So, this is our couple Yuki and Tohru, which I’m not so familiar so I might be kind of horrible but Habit might save me. xD
Night: Yess I’m so good at this >D (not really o .o)
Luka: Oh really? <w<
Night: :> Yesss 😀
Luka: Have that confidence.
Night: -confident smile- xD.
Luka: Hopefully this will not be a fail!!!
Night: It wont be ;D (hopefully)
Luka: It hopefully won’t be, but anyways on with the story before our chatterbox mouths become the story. Enjoy! 8D
(Story part)
Tohru awakened from the bright shine coming from the window, Tohru smiling in the sunshine. Kyo and Yuki were downstairs fighting..again. No surprise though, but Tohru still can’t believe they have been fighting for this whole week, most times Kyo would avoid Yuki from the rooftops, but that wasn’t happening, strangely Kyo hasn’t been on the roof lately. Tohru went downstairs with her school bag she shouted “I’m ready for school!” Yuki stared blankly at her, and Shigure was laughing behind Yuki and Kyo, Yuki pointed out “Miss Honda, your still in your pajamas.” Tohru’s face went completely red and she squealed from her embarssment, she ran back upstairs to get in her school uniform, but then remembered she didn’t take a shower. Kyo grumbled as he walked up to Tohru’s door just to check on her and ranted “That’s what you get for sleeping in!” Tohru feeling guilty and bad now just stayed on the floor, stressing out.  Yuki heard the rant, and rushed upstairs, you could see Kyo smirk from the sight of this. Next you know it they are fighting, and again Kyo loses and lands on his head, ontop of the floor with some breaking doors burying him. Yuki asked concerned “Are you alright Miss Honda?”, Tohru kept looking back in fourth to Yuki then Kyo, she was worried now but then she replied “Yeah, it didn’t bother me.” Yuki making a slight smile left Tohru for her to get ready. Kyo regained conciousness and quickly rushed to school, trying his best to stay away from one of those fangirls of Yuki, he gave himself the shivers from the just thinking about it. Kyo finally got to school, and that’s when Tohru got prepared and was all ready to go to school, she rushed downstairs knowing she would be late if she didn’t. Tohru surprised to see Yuki waiting down for her, for her, she just kept thinking. Tohru never actually got used to the fact she was staying with Prince Yuki. As they both began to walk to school they had an awkward conversation, it all started with Yuki saying “So Mis
s Honda..”, Tohru’s mind just went blank, ignoring the sentence on accident, her mind went back to reality and all she heard was “Will you go out with me?” Tohru’s face flushed, which was pretty obvious for Yuki, and Yuki just smiled and laughing but then he remained more calm and serious and asked again “So will you?” Tohru tounge was twisted in her mouth like she couldn’t speak, like her words were taken. All Tohru could manage to say was “U-um…” Yuki still held his smile, not dissapointed but kind of glad this was kind of taking progress. Tohru still blushing, stuttered and finally tried to say something until she was interrupted by one of Yuki’s fangirls. They started doing their little cheerleading thing and which caused quite a ruckus, Tohru completely lost thought of what she was going to say. Tohru noticed that she was pushed by one of the fangirl’s, so she deciced to wait until, she noticed how they were crowding him, she thought she was going to be a bother, so she just walked to school by herself. Tohru ran into Haru, and Haru looking around her to find something or someone, then he just asked “Hm, your not with Yuki?”, Tohru nodded and answered “Yeah, I decided to walk alone.” Momichi popped out of nowhere, and said “That’s weird, your always together.” Momichi continued the sentence with a question “Is there something wrong, Tohru?” Tohru shaking her hands wildly while shaking her head replied “No no no, nothing is wrong.” Tohru was still nervous and flushed from what happened on their walk. Momichi said “Alright, but if you have anything to say, you can tell me.” Momichi having his comforting smile on, Haru looked a bit worried, but they both headed back to their class. The bells started to ring and Tohru entered her classroom nearly late from sleeping in and from the conversation she had with Haru and Momichi a few minutes ago. Tohru didn’t seem as flush as she was before, now the blush has gone away, not even noticable, she just had a frown and a wo
rried look on her face. Kyo seemed to noticed and was going to ask her what was wrong, but Tohru disappeared at lunch, curling up at some random area, but not under anything, but more like inside a dark room, she wanted to think, that’s all ,but she didn’t want to be found and interrupted. Kyo exploring the halls for Tohru but not finding her, he still didn’t give up though, he was getting really worried. People were whispering in the hallways saying that they kept seeing Kyo everywhere in the building. Kyo sweating and panting from running and searching all this time, finally began to rest, he would search for her later. After Kyo awakened from his nap, which was only 15 mins, he thought he should search for Yuki, because they were always together. Kyo found Yuki and demanded a answer “Hey! Do you know where Tohru is?”, Yuki frowned and answered the orange haired boys’ question “No, I simply do not.” Kyo looked annoyed and was going to yell at the rat, but held his temper and ran out. Yuki now looking worried, stood up from his chair and entered the hall, trying to look for Tohru. Sadly, one of his fangirls went up to him and started distracting him, thankfully the rest of the fangirl group shouted out “Hey, you just broke one of the rules!” Yuki decided this was a sign of fleeing, so he fled the scene, with confused fangirls left in the hall. Tohru was unable to see as well from the darkness, so she decided she would just return to her classroom and enjoy her lunch there, while picking up her bento, she heard loud footsteps and panting outside the door. Tohru was going to reveal herself from her hiding place, but when she figured out it was Yuki, she lurked inside there more, finding a better hiding place, darker, and harder to find out, even if you entered. Yuki looked everywhere besides this room. It has always been dark and never had a name. He started calling out Tohru’s name, having a feeling she was here, “Miss Honda?” Tohru gulped when Yuki entered the
room, she tried her best
 to avoid any movement. Yuki felt somebody in here, it might of not been Tohru, but it wouldn’t hurt to look. Tohru was covering her mouth trying her best to stay in a calm  and low in her breathing, though it didn’t do much because she felt Yuki grab her arm with a firm grip. Yuki asked, “Miss Honda?” Tohru had many thoughts in her head, she felt dizzy. Tohru replied “Y-yes, what did you want Yuki?” Yuki smiled, glad he found Tohru and explained, “I was looking for you, why didn’t you reply to my calls?” Tohru quiet and silent, didn’t reply to that, she knew what she would reply was going to be harsh and might just hurt Yuki’s feelings. Tohru thought to herself while sighing I was avoiding you…
 Yuki, looking concerned, was about to ask Tohru what was wrong, but was sadly again interupted by his fangirls. Tohru sneaked her way past the scene, and returned to class with her bento, her friends joined her.  Yuki finally got away from his own fangirls, and hearing their cheer of Y.U.K.I with their dance and then ended it off with “We love Yuki!”, Yuki made sure he avoided the loud noises, and returned to his classroom to see Tohru there. Tohru just stared at him, she knew that he loved her, but she wondered if she could handle the fangirls, they do rotten things all the time. Tohru now was reviewing her actions, and found herself rude, so she thought to herself Just act normal, like nothing ever happened. 
 Only if it was that simple, when Yuki asked her “Miss Honda, do you want to eat lunch together?”, with his sweet smile. Tohru repeated the thought in her head Just act normal, she just nodded and Yuki took a seat. Tohru’s friends, giving stares noticing something was wrong. That day was Friday, but the bell rang after their last rotation. Tohru went to work, she was quite paranoid, as she kept looking back in case of someone following her, which would of been Yuki. Tohru didn’t care who she ran into, as long as it wasn’t Yuki, though Tohru couldn’t help but feel guilty on avoiding Yuki. Tohru did love Yuki, but the difficulties through the relationship. Tohru as clumsy as she was, ran into someone but it wasn’t Yuki, it was Kyo. Kyo about to complain on where she should watch where she was going, but noticed that sadness on her face, it was quite noticable after all the thoughts she has been having this whole time. Kyo frowned, but patted her head, making Tohru jump from surprise, but she smiled. Though there was a peeper and that was Yuki, and Yuki has noticed Tohru’s sadness earlier, making him quite jealous of Kyo, and made him have thoughts because he never heard an answer from Tohru.
 To be continued!
(End part, later comments)
  • Luka: Yeah…we ended it there.
  • Night: Yup yup x3. ;o
  • Luka: Yup…………….
  • Night: Yesss funn x3.
  • Luka: So please review if this was a fail or not, and if there were any typos/errors and so on with that and if we should continue it. c:
  • Night: ;D Hopefully it’s not fail and reviews for that would be loved ❤
  • Luka: xD Well, hopefully Habit and I did a good job, and expect more..? Honestly I don’t know. xD
  • Night: Yess this was fun either way so.. xD
  • Luka: Please give us nice comments, and hopefully we’re better, we’ll be better!
  • Night: Yes xD Hmm.. We shall be better 😀
  • Luka & Habit: Bye Bye!~ c:
  • Luka: And Habit what made you think about being better? <o<
  • Night: Ummmmmm o .o Uh that’s all we have now! *static*
  • *T.v. turns off*

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