Cooking is fun with you [Cooking Ramen]

Luki continuing about time.

Cooking Ramen!

Luki setting out the water as you can see Lune Lune rushing back in fourth trying to find noodles.

The woman with a very very big chef hat shouted “1 more minute for the food!!!”

Luki twitching at the thought yelled at the woman “SHUT UP!!!!!”

The woman now looked very upset “I have to aware everyone on how many time is left!”

Luki “Tell it to them then!”

The woman annoyed by this “IMPOSSIBLE!!!”

Luki annoyed by the answer, pouted.

Lune Lune finally got back with noodles, you can tell she was exhausted.

The woman screamed out “TIME IS UP!!!!”

Luki made a sudden growl and shouted “You did that on purpose!”

The woman simply shook her head, as in she wasn’t going to get apart of this.

Luki was noticing that they were doomed.

Lune Lune said “Don’t worry, everything will be alright.”

Luki continued to pout, but she didn’t want Lune Lune to feel bad. So Luki nodded.

The man shouted at both of them and poured the water on them.

The clumsy man must of dropped a noodle at Lune Lune which landed on her eye.

From the sudden pain, Lune Lune panicked but was crying from the pain.

Luki caught on with this, and comforted her friend “Relax, I promise to help get that noodle out your eye.”

Even though, that didn’t help much it made both of them feel calm.

Luki decided, that she would have to find something that wouldn’t hurt Lune Lune’s eye.

Luki decided that Lune Lune will allow Luki to get it out.

Luki believed she could help, and so she walked up to Lune Lune.

Lune Lune freaked out and defended herself “Eh! That looks scary.” ; o ;

Luki frowned but smiled to reassure her friend that she can do it “Don’t worry it won’t last long.”

Lune Lune nodded and tried to think of happy thoughts, as Luki was getting out the noodle.

The noodle has turned soggy from the amount of time it’s been in Lune Lune’s eye, so it caused more difficulties.

Luki finally got it out and lift it in the air, as if it was some sort of prize. Luki helped her friend up.

Lune Lune asked with her sweet quiet voice of hers “I-is it over?”

Luki nodded.

The end of Cooking Ramen!

To be continued.

Hoped you liked it!


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