Betrayal can kill

Ta-da, look who finally came back, yeah me Luki. Just keeping updated, and finally got a chance to type my mind, I was typing  depressing stuff a few days ago, but time for me to get in my actual mood. Now here’s the title of this chapter, and I want to let you guys know, this will be the final chapter, but I’m making a sequel, which will have more happiness. Because I adore Yuno and she needs some happiness. But for now, this shall be in the genre, insane/horror/gore? xP Well let’s start. Okay Yuno looks like this-


Yuno Gasai

Yuno depressed on how she just murdered her so called friends, but sadly Yuno was just too innocent to see the bad side of people, but Yuno, felt like a monster. The next few days, everyone at her school was caught on fire, from a incoming disaster, Yuno was away from her village, from her time thinking of herself as a monster she didn’t know how to face everyone. Yuno continue to think, should she die, or should she live, but that wasn’t up to her, she asked herself did she deserve to live. Everyone in her village was then killed by a incoming bomb. Surprising, Yuno was way too out of the village she managed not to get killed. Yuno thought, only if she knew, she could of died with them. Her village is now no more, because of the bomb, nor did Yuno want revenge anymore, she was confused on what to do, who to depend on, from all she knows, she knows only dead people. Yuno have been starving herself, now from that, she hasn’t eaten but not like she can now, all the food probably been destroyed with her village. I don’t know if it should be a shame or a sign, is all Yuno can think. Yuno hasn’t spoke since the disaster, and that was the day Yuno was going to visit her mother, and confront herself.  Now Yuno feels guilt because now she can’t do what she wanted. Yuno went back to her village, there was nothing for her to kill herself, she sighed from desperately finding something, but Yuno just stayed quiet, continuing her being locked up. Though, Yuno was quiet for long when she found her mom’s dead body, she screamed, that could of went on, from the horror of finding something she was always going to avoid, but she has found it. Yuno found her mother’s note, which confused her because, the bomb practically destroyed everything, besides some building pieces. The note: My darling, Yuno. I’m glad you weren’t here, because the bomb will struck. It’s been happening a while, sadly I didn’t know until today. Now guards are guarding the exits/entrances.  Yuno, please live on, it will depress me if you didn’t, your a good girl no matter what Yuno. I want you to see in that, even though I keep leaving you because of my job, I believe you can take care of yourself, but I dearly apologize for leaving you for so long. Please, look at the map I have protected in a vault, the key shouldn’t have been destructed in the eternity destroyed village, I’m deeply sorry for not alarming you about this incoming disaster.

Yuno was now tearing up, and read the last sentence that was smudged.

Please, I’m begging you, don’t look in the closet.

Sadly, these might not change anything for Yuno, she is deeply curious. Yuno decided she will open the vault after the closet, ignoring what her mother had to say. Yuno opened the closet, Yuno gasped with a mid scream in it, not expecting this to be in the closet. Before you think it’s something good, it’s horrible, Yuno crying to see her father organs ripped out, guts all over the place. Yuno now noticed something, this wasn’t something from some stupid bomb, this was a murder, a rip out. Someone must of robbed the village with a large group of people from their own, and killed everyone in this village, her mother lied to her. This couldn’t be some bomb, but then a thought came in, or maybe her mother did it, she wouldn’t be lying. Yuno felt annoyed from all this thinking, but that doesn’t make sense how most of her furniture in the house were still there, and stabled. Yuno agreed it was not a bomb, she could never see her mom as some murderer. Yuno frowned, not like it would matter though, she was the monster. Yuno found the key and opened the vault, Yuno eyes widened to see there was a giant hole in there, and another note. This was from her father. The note:

My, Yuno. Hopefully you didn’t check the closet, but I bet your curiosity might of made you,

even if your mother said not to, but I guess it’s alright. If you saw it, this story will explain everything.

Sadly, your mother was lying to you, but Yuno your so smart, so I bet you came up with another theory.

Yuno, the story for this is sort of simple, there was no bomb, there was no robbers, there were murderers, there was no terrorist.

Now you must be wondering what then, the whole village went insane, your mother went insane first,

she told me she was going to gut me alive in the closet, your mother was not a fault, she was simply going

with the whole village, I don’t blame her, the news guy went insane as well, he said there was a bomb, as the new girls said there were a illness that caused madness, oh but did I listen, haha.

Yuno was shivering at the note to this point.

I loved your mother, so please don’t be so upset, I wrote this note knowing my death.

Yuno hands were getting a bit sticky, she noticed it was blood, she said “Father wrote this note for me at his death?”

It was a bit dark, so she must of not noticed.

But Yuno, I went insane as well from this illness, I could of killed your mother but I’m proud I didn’t, I’m happy you weren’t there you could of been some murderer of some sort, traumatized and insane, which I would never want you.

Yuno began crying from she became all those things.

Yuno, please press the red button.

Yuno pressed the button in the note but you could tell it was connected to something with a thin piece of string.

The giant vault had one storage in case of emergencies, something timbered down.

Falling right on Yuno, she felt dried and wet blood, Yuno screamed but managed to read the note.

Yuno, those are the people I killed, please don’t become one.

Yuno began thinking she was a monster.

Yuno, I heard your two friends have died, I’m wondering did they do something wrong? I saw your flower smashed. Could they have done it? Did you kill them? Yuno if you did, please don’t think of yourself as a bad person, your a sweet girl, and I believe you had a perfect reason, if you kill within a reason your not the monster.

Goodbye, Yuno.

Yuno crying in tears of joy, but sadness.

Yuno walked away from the dead bodies that have fallen on her, she picked up the map that had a circle knowing she was going there.

Yuno would transfer to another school. Yuno walked out with most of her stuff in her backpack, she turned back right before she was going to open the door, remembering the cherish memories she had with her family, and some of the villagers.

Yuno got back up the hill she was always hiding from, then turned back to smile and wave to her village.

Yuno decided her village would never be destroyed, if it always lasted in her heart.

You can see Yuno’s shadows of walking up the hill.

The End

I hoped you liked it everyone! This was sort of difficult for me to type/write, from all that ugh sadness, I made this less gore, since well nothing left to do with it! Well this is the end of Betrayal Can Kill, and stay tune for the new sequel!!! Well since that’s over, I can move on with my other stories. Phew. – o -‘ Don’t get me wrong, I loved the story. >w< And really enjoyed typing it. Just, so busy. xD Well thanks for reading. Luki~


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  1. Ah, such a depressing story but it was somehow beautiful. Maybe it was the emotion behind it. Whatever it was, I loved it! I can’t wait for the sequel! ❤
    ~Lune Lune

  2. Oh yay! Thank you, I was pretty proud of this, I did need to make this sad, but I wanted to bring just a bit of joy to Yuno with the notes, as kind of reminding her that they would always love her, and she will never be a monster to their eyes.

  3. Yes, I think that’s a good moral to the story. I’m proud of you! You wrote such a meaningful story! Now to get a move on with mine … xD
    ~Lune Lune

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