The perfection of drawing masterpieces

I’m totally happy because Lune Lune is on and I got art. This is a gift to TaKiWa_SaN because she is epic, she is awesome, she is amazing! 8D Thanks for the art friend!


Taki was drawing and Luka was just watching “Humma hummma” Taki shouted “Be quiet woman!” Luka got out a cheese grenade “Ta~da!!!!” Taki was amazed but then it started beeping, it blew up. Luka shouted out while she got out chips “Nachos!” Taki yelled out “Ships!” Luka asked “Where’s the chips? There can’t be ships without chips.” Taki gave her the look and laughed “Lol!”



To be continued

Sorry Taki couldn’t add much, but I’ll add soon. Good luck with the history test!


About Luki Lune Lune Productions

We're best friends sharing a blog with each other, so we can post stories in front of the whole world. Hopefully we meet nice people along our blog adventure. :3

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